Three heroes (2015.11.17)

Dear players! We hasten to please all fans of slots: our project has released a new game – a slot machine “Three heroes”. The game is available in the form of applications for devices Android. Slot “Three heroes” is interesting for its epic theme: there you will be able to fight with this dragon and catch a bird of happiness. Download the game for free in the Google play, you can visit: Good luck in the game!

Backgammon in the Android app (2015.03.23)

We have just released a new free app Backgammon LiveGames for smartphones and tablets based on Android. Download the app you will be able to address: We wish you continued success in the game!

Poker for iOS (2014.05.05)

Great news for owners of Apple devices! Poker Texas Hold`em, one of the most popular games has been added to the huge list of our iOS apps This iPad app is a 100-percent free. You can download this app here: Poker LiveGames

Two bugs have been fixed in the iOS apps (2014.04.17)

We have recently discovered two nasty bugs in our apps. The first one prevented players from receiving messages sent by other players. The second one did not allow players to start the game in the Joker app. These bugs were fixed in the latest updates. We strongly recommend installing them. To do that, start the App Store app on your device and search apps by the word Livegames. The administration of the project is grateful to all players who reported the problems, which enabled our developers to fix them as soon as possible.

Poker Texas Hold`em in the Android app (2014.02.24)

Poker Texas Hold`em, one of the most popular kinds of Poker, has been added into our Android app. From now on you can play that game on your Android smartphone or tablet, like you do on your PC or Mac. As before, you can download our Android app for free: We wish you new great victories!

iOS Apps (2013.11.22)

We are glad to announce that you can now play following games on your iOS devices:

  • Preference
  • Debertz
  • Joker
  • Domino
  • Durak (all types)
  • Bura
  • Burkozel
  • Nine
  • Thousand
  • Checkers

These apps are absolutely free and available for: iPad, iPhone, iPod. You can get the download links at: Following this link, there is also the Livegames app where you can find all of these games and the Livegames Cards app which contains only card games.

Checkers LiveGames (2013.10.23)

We have just released a new freeware application for iPhone and iPad, “Checkers LiveGames”, which contains a portion the most interesting games of our project. The application includes the following games: Checkers, Corners, Suicide checkers (Giveaway). You can download the application at Checkers LiveGames

Bonuses in the apps (2013.10.08)

We are glad to announce some great news for iPad, iPhone and iPod users! The new app called LiveGames has come out for listed devices, which includes all previously released games, and even more: Checkers, Giveaway, Corners. Check out the full games list and download the app here The app cost is 66 rubles. We also would like to inform you of a price drop on the app “LiveGames Cards”, which is now only 33 rubles. Download the app at this website Both apps give you a bonus when purchasing points for $1: In LiveGames app you get 20,000 points added to your purchased points, and in “LiveGames Cards” you get 10,000 points.