User agreement

1. Present rules are mandatory reading, and are binding for anyone registering in the system.

2. By creating an account in the system(login with social network,login with Apple Game Center or login with function “Quick play” or used “Guest mode”), the User (further referred to as the player), agrees that he/she has read these rules, fully understands and accepts them. Agreement of player with these rules is a mandatory term for usage of the system.

3. Present rules may be changed by the system administration in a one-way fashion, the players will be notified through the internal news system and \ or by e-mail. If in consequence of the rule changes the new rules do not suit the player, the player has the right to immediately leave the system.

4. In case of breach of rules or suspicion arises that the rules have been breached, the players account will be limited in function or banned by the system administration. In case the account was banned the player will be notified by e-mail listed in their contact information. In case of account ban, there will be no refund.

5. All registration data transmitted by the player to the system, such as: login, password, nickname, phone numbers, email addresses, account numbers on social networks and others, are confidential and not subject to disclosure to third parties, except as otherwise provided by law. All registration data is not personal or personal data. The data is collected for the purpose of anonymous end-to-end identification among all of the company’s applications. Phone and email are indicated voluntarily and serve to periodically notify the user about events inside the games.

6. To register in the system one must be a legal person of at least 18 years of age.

7. Player is required to indicate in the registration data truthful information. System administration has the right at any time to ask the user to provide the confirming documents, which the player must provide within three days.

8. Only a person who registered particular game account is allowed to use it. Transfer of account access to other people is prohibited. If necessary, one person is allowed to register several game accounts. It is prohibited to simultaneously be present at one game table with several accounts that belong to the same user or several accounts from the same computer (device). Violation of this term results in blocking of all game accounts of the user. Part in the tournament is allowed only one account per player. Permission is part of the same account in different tournaments.

9. During the registration of an account, the player receives a login and password, which is the key to accessing the players account. Safety of login and a password is responsibility of the player. System administration is not responsible for a third party’s access of the player’s account in case of player’s loss of his/hers login and password. After login with function “Quick play”, if player wants use account on the different devices, he needs create and save login and password in profile.

10. For information about the system, user can use “Guest mode”. When using this mode, the user does not enter any personal details in the system, the temporary guest account is not saved and is not associated with the user, and the user has access only to a limited set of features. To gain access to the rest of system features, the user must sign in or register.

11. Administration has no access to players’ logins and passwords.

12. In case the player forgets his/hers login and/or his password, he/she can use the site function that reminds the password.

13. The player has a right to participate in any games that are offered in the system. The player is solely responsible for participation in any specific game. The player should behave according to the generally accepted social rules and respect his game partners, refrain from committing untimely and incorrect game action, deliberately delay course of game.

14. Administration is not responsible for player’s participation in any games, if this participation can be restricted by law of player’s jurisdiction. By participating in the game, he/she is liable according to law of his/hers jurisdiction.

15. This site is not a tax agent in regards to any player. The player is solely responsible for all appropriate taxes in accordance with the laws of his/hers country.

16. It is strictly forbidden to use any auxiliary computer software, or automated programs (bots) while playing in the system.

17. Game by previous consent of two or more players is strictly forbidden. The game by previous consent is the game where two or more players are coordinating actions at the playing table with an aim of gaining advantage over other players. The game by previous consent is also the game where the winner has been agreed upon by participants beforehand. Administration reserves the right: to ban accounts of players participating in such games, fine the offending players. Fine will be collected in game points or by lowering the players game status. The amount is defined by the administration of the project.

18. When entering a game, the player agrees with game rules and is obligated to follow them.

19. The moment of “entering the game” is the moment of registering the account in the system(login with social network,login with Apple Game Center or login with function “Quick play” or used “Guest mode”).

20. Administration is not liable for moral, material or any other damage caused to the player in connection with using of the system.

21. The system provides for the purchase of additional services, including the purchase of additional gaming points packages. Additional gaming points packages are intended for entertainment, as well as to help beginners and intermediate players get familiar with game rules and tournaments. Gaming points have no monetary or other material value and cannot be cashed out, sold or converted into real money. When paying for services the player assumes responsibility for all the additional expenses that might be generated by payment systems fees.

22. The system administration is not responsible for occurrence of errors, including errors that might result in financial and/or moral harm towards the player.

23. By registering in the system(login with social network, login with Apple Game Center or login with function “Quick play”) the player agree that his email will be receiving systems regular news bulletins(or Push-messages on device). The player agree that his telephone will be receiving systems SMS-messages on device.

24. Administration reserves the right to audit any player’s gameplay or player’s registering or other information, transmitted by the player in the system in order to ensure that the player follows the rules.

25. System administration is not responsible for actions of the players and third parties.

26. In case of disputes arising or situations, which are not covered by present rules, the final decision is made by the system administration and is not subject to appeal.

27. System administration has the right to restrict access to games to any player at any given moment. The user will informed about restriction via e-mail address, stated in his contact information.

28. Le joueur, à sa propre discrétion, a le droit de cesser d’utiliser le système à tout moment. Pour mettre fin à sa participation et supprimer les informations vous concernant, les joueurs doivent en informer l’administration du système. La participation du joueur est considérée comme terminée à partir du moment où l’administration du système envoie au joueur une notification appropriée par e-mail. Pour les utilisateurs de réseaux sociaux (Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, etc.), pour mettre fin à la participation et supprimer des données, il suffit de supprimer le jeu de votre compte. (paramètres de l’application -> désinstaller).

29. Rules of our system prohibit:

  • usage of swear words, abuse and using the terms which are derogatory and offend other players, administration and moderators;
  • spamming, or flooding the chat with meaningless messages;
  • using political slogans of any orientation;
  • advocacy or promotion of drugs;
  • any agitation, pointing directly or implying to any projects, unrelated to the system;
  • asking or forcing other users of the project to give gifts or transfer gaming points;
  • posing as administration or support service of the project;

Messages, accounts, gifts, nicknames, avatars, which are breaching the above rules can be deleted or banned. In the event of aforementioned no compensation will be made.

30. The user interface provides access to your camera and microphone only to implement video chat function. The mobile app is only available to the camera on-demand access is required to install the game avatar.